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Hello, thank you for visiting my web site!

I'm Thomas S. from Chapel Hill, NC, and I currently have 11 laying hens providing beautiful brown, cream, olive, and speckeled eggs! They give me about 9 eggs a day, which is way more than I can eat, so I am now selling eggs! The price is $6 per dozen, and the eggs are ususally only 1-3 days old. You will get a mix of sizes and colors, small, medium, large and even the occaional jumbo egg, but on average, my chickens lay medium eggs.

My Chickens are mix of different varieties, including:

The chickens free range on about an acre of land and get much of their food from foraging. They also eat non-GMO layer feed, oyster shells, and a variety of treats.

Contact me if you are interested in some farm fresh eggs!

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